Just One Second

What Can Happen in a Second –

John fumbles for his car keys to lock the door. His arms are over-burdened with grocery bags; he’s wrapped the plastic loops around his wrists, so he can bring everything inside the apartment in a single trip.

As he digs deeper into his pocket, trying to grab his beeper, one bag slides down his arm and the plastic breaks. Of course it’s the one packed with two cartons of eggs. The weak styrofoam crumbles, and the shells shatter.

John leaps backward to avoid getting the splattering goop on the hem of his work pants. As he jumps, he stumbles backward and slams into the bumper of his sedan. It’s not in park.

As it rolls away from him and into the front fender of the next car over, John considers how much time he would have saved, had he just made the second trip.



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