A Good Epitaph

One of my high school friends always said she wanted her headstone to read, “Here lies Kelly – a good weirdo.” Mine could just say, “That’s all he wrote.”

I know it’s a play on the original expression, but I like how final it is. And it’s one semi-colon away from being the perfect description of my life. “That’s all; he wrote.” That pretty much sums up how I’ve spent my days here.

My full time job centers around fast paced, fact-centered writing. When I come home, I keep writing. For me it’s how I make my living, hone my creativity, but above all vent my frustration.

When I tell my story, I find it refreshingly human to be direct. This isn’t the picturesque profile you may be accustomed to scrolling through on social media, edited to create the illusion of perfection.

This is where I tell my story in naked honesty, one anecdote at a time.

But don’t think for a moment, reader, that this place will be filled with self pitying ramblings – I’m here to entertain, and have fun.



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